Many Workplaces Take a Toll on Health


The workplace is physically and emotionally demanding for many people, especially those who face unstable work schedules, unpleasant working conditions that may be hazardous, and hostile social environments. That’s according to research conducted by the RAND Corporation, Harvard Medical School, and UCLA using data from the American Working Conditions Survey, one of the most in-depth surveys ever to examine workplace conditions in the United States.

More than 25 percent of American workers – mostly those in white-collar occupations – report that they have too little time to do their jobs and that the intensity of work frequently carries over into their personal lives. About half of workers surveyed say they must work in their free time to meet the demands of their jobs.

In spite of these challenges, many American workers report having a certain degree of autonomy on the job and get social support at work, and most are confident in their skills. Four out of five American workers report that their job provides "meaning," at least most of the time.

Sourced from: RAND Corporation