Maple syrup shows promise in fighting superbugs

Maple syrup, the go-to flavoring for pancakes and waffles, may have another very different, and valuable, use. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal say that concentrated extract from the syrup proved effective at making antibiotic-resistant superbugs more susceptible to drugs used to fight infections.

Researchers bought the syrup at local markets and froze it, then went through a process to produce an extract comprising phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds play an important role in the growth and development of plants by helping defend against pathogens.

They found that when used alone, this extract was mildly effective in fighting infection-causing bacteria, but when used with antibiotics, it proved to be very effective against bacteria by destroying biofilms – antibiotic resistant communities that can live on surfaces. Biofilms can take the form of dental plaque, catheters, and urinary tract infections.

This new research was performed in lab environments and more research needs to be done to see if it is just as effective in clinical trials.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today , Maple syrup helps antibiotics defeat bacteria