Marijuana/Mood Connection Is Complex

Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2014, a number of studies have been conducted to determine its effect on mood. According to a recent study, casual cannabis users have a stronger relationship with negative moods—depression and anxiety, for example—than heavy users and people who do not use marijuana.

In a large international study published in 2013, 5.2 percent of survey participants reported using marijuana to relieve symptoms of depression. Also, among medical marijuana users in California, 26.1 percent report cannabis alleviates depression symptoms and 37.8 percent say it helps control anxiety.

For this latest study, researchers used a comprehensive questionnaire to study the effects of marijuana on mood. The study participants were divided into three groups: one group of casual users, one group of heavy users, and a control group of non-users. According to researchers, infrequent marijuana users were shown to have a stronger relationship with negative mood—especially depression. However, they emphasize the study doesn’t prove cannabis causes—or cures—depression or anxiety. More research about how cannabis affects the brain is needed.

Sourced from Medical News Today.