Marijuana Use To Calm Mania


Asked by Jilly

Marijuana Use To Calm Mania

Do you often hear about people with bipolar disorder using marijuana to calm mania?


Hi, Jilly. I strongly endorse Chris' comments.

I could see where in theory the active chemical in cannabis could help with mania. But this hasn't been tested nor is it legally available, and certainly not in the microscopic amounts that would be required to medically accomplish the mission.

In my experience, people I have encountered saying they use pot to control their bipolar are lying, mainly to themselves. In fact, they are pot heads in denial and I would have a lot more respect for them if they admitted it.

Certainly, smoking a joint or even sharing one is overkill. Look at the "side effects": Loss of rational control of the brain, paranoia, appetite stimulation, sleep inducement, loss of reflexes, and on and on. Not even a drug company could come up with a med as stupid as pot.

All that pot offers is what any street drug or alcohol offers. It very quickly lifts you out of your current state of mind into one that you perceive is better. If your life is that pathetic to start with, the answer is to work on improving your life, not escaping into drugs.

Also keep in mind: Acceptable social drinking and pot use is an occasional indulgence, say on the weekend. To actually use pot to control mania, we are talking everyday use. Everyday use is totally ridiculous and utterly stupid. Don't even think about it.

Answered by John McManamy