Marijuana pills, spray may ease MS symptoms

More research supports the belief that medical marijuana, in the form of a pill or spray, can help relieve the symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS).  The study was published in new guidelines for complementary and alternative medicine therapies (CAM) in the journal Neurology.

Researchers focused on CAM therapies for MS, and found that pot pills and oral spray may alleviate symptoms of spasticity, pain and frequent urination in MS patients, particularly those with progressive forms of the disease who have few treatment options.

But researchers found no evidence that smoking marijuana can help treat symptoms, and, this therapy may not reduce tremor. Also, the safety of using marijuana pills and sprays long-term is not known. Side effects could also be an issue, particularly depression, as some people with MS are at greater risk for depression or suicide.

Some other CAM therapies that showed promise were ginkgo biloba for tiredness, and reflexology for the treatment of tingling, numbmess and skin sensations.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Marijuana pills and sprays ease MS symptoms