Hi I Have A Mass In My Upper Left Breast Sternum Area I Had A Chest Xray That Showed Nothing. Then


Asked by Barbara

Hi I Have A Mass In My Upper Left Breast Sternum Area I Had A Chest Xray That Showed Nothing. Then

Hi i have a mass in my upper left breast sternum area i had a chest xray that showed nothing. then i had a ct scan that showed thickening.went for a chest ultrasound that showed a hazy thickening in the fascial and muscular plane beneaththe subcutaneous fat plane that area measures about4.0cm color doppler shows a dominant vessel in that area which not pathological in appearance may not be a clinically significant blood vessel. the impression a poorly defined areaand was saying that it could be infiltrating cancer but my Doctor wants to wait and see if it get bigger what should i do he don't think it is what the ultrasound doctor is saying it is my mom died of breast cancer at 48 i have had this mass for over a year


Barbara, with your family history of breast cancer, there's no sense waiting to see whether this mass grows or changes. It doesn't sound like it's in your breast tissue, otherwise I assume you would have had a mammogram. However, it's worth asking the question: is this in my breast, or is it under the breast, beneath or involving the chest muscle? (Not sure exactly where "fascial and muscular plane beneath the subcutaneous fat plane" is.)

You need to get someone to do the necessary tests to identify exactly what this mass is, and determine whether it needs to be treated. So ask your doctor to do a biopsy, MRI, or whatever further tests it takes to make that determination. If s/he won't cooperate, ask for a referral to another physician. This may take some advocating on your own behalf, and you may need to be pushy, but persevere; it's your body, your health is at stake, and you need to rule out cancer, for your own peace of mind. Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel