Measles outbreak tied to Disneyland

Officials from California’s Department of Health confirm that nine cases of measles have been found in people who visited Disneyland or its adjacent California Adventure park last month. There are also three more suspected cases in people who were at one of the parks during the same timeframe between December 15th and 20th.

The officials say that the measles patients range in age from eight months to 21 years and that six had not been vaccinated for measles. Two of the patients were too young for the vaccination. One of the patients had received the appropriate vaccination.

Symptoms of measles typically begin with a fever, cough, runny nose and red eyes, followed by the appearance of a red rash that typically starts on the face and spreads downward. Patients infected with the virus could be infectious for nine days. There is no specific treatment and most people recover within a few weeks.

Health officials encourage people who are exhibiting symptoms and were at the parks during that time to contact their health care provider as soon as possible. They also stress the importance of preventing the spread of measles by getting vaccinated.

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Sourced from: Reuters, California health officials link measles outbreak to Disneyland