Is The Medication Sucralfate 1 Gm Used To Treat Heartburn


Asked by pcroe

Is The Medication Sucralfate 1 Gm Used To Treat Heartburn

Since my insurance no longer covers prevacaid and the cost is $1,080.00 a month because their is no gereric, for it my dr. gave me Sucralfate 1 GM and I a to take it 4x a day by mouth, will this take care of the heartburn that I experience???


Sucralfate is a different type of medication for GERD than Prevacid. It works by coating over ulcers to allow healing to take place. On the other hand Prevacid works by blocking the Proton Pumps which lowers acid production. It is called a Proton Pump Inhibitor. In the US Prevacid is now over the counter. Alternately, Prilosec is another PPI which is OTC and has generic options as well OTC.

If you take the sucralfate and it is successful then that's great. But, if you have significant return of heartburn symptoms then it would be a good time to head back to your doctor to discuss options.


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