Meditation can improve quality of sleep

There's another endrosement for the benefits of mindful meditation. A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine says it can also improve quality of sleep, even more than the sleep hygiene education (SHE) program, a public program created to improve sleeping habits and bedtime routine.

The study involved a small clinical trial of 49 people with an average age of 66. Twenty-four people joined low-cost community MBI called mindful awareness practices, while 25 participated in SHE programs.

Participants used a questionnaire known as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) to assess their sleeping habits. Each group averaged a 10.2 PSQI score at the beginning of the study. The findings showed that the group participating in mindful awareness practices scored higher PSQI scores on average than the group participating in the SHE program. The scores were 9.1 compared to 7.4, respectively. The mindful practices group also reported higher improvements for insomnia and depression symptoms as well as fatigue. Both groups over time reported improvements in anxiety and stress.

The study authors note, however, more research needs to be done to test a wider range of social groups as 67 percent of the participants for this study were women with higher education levels.

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Sourced from:, Sleep quality could be improved with mindfulness meditation