Mediterranean diet counteracts stroke risk

There’s more good news about the Mediterranean diet. Research from Tufts University has found that eating a diet rich in fish, olive oil and nuts can help reduce stroke risk associated with a specific gene known to cause strokes. Following the diet appears to interact with the gene – also associated with development of type 2 diabetes – and that may eliminate the genetic predisposition to have a stroke.

The researchers set out to analyze how genetics contribute to cardiovascular disease.  The trial involved more than 7,000 Spanish men and women who were assigned to either a Mediterranean or low fat diet.  The participants were monitored for a period of five years, with evaluations for heart disease, stroke and heart attack.  At the conclusion of the study, the researchers found that following the Mediterranean diet reduced the number of strokes in people with the gene that made them more prone to them.

The study suggests that the diet can compensate for genetic influence and put people who may be at increased risk on the same playing field as people who do not have such genetic predisposition.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Mediterranean Diet Counteracts a Genetic Risk of Stroke