Meet Dr. Jennifer Sobol

Health Professional

Dr. Sobol is a urologic surgeon who has joined the Incontinence Issues team. Once a month, Dr. Sobol will answer your questions about incontinence. Visit our message board and post your question for Dr. Sobol or email her at Check out her blog to read her answers.

Jennifer Sobol, D.O., is a urologic surgeon who practices general urology, but has a special interest in urinary incontinence as well as male and female voiding dysfunction. Dr. Sobol uses her osteopathic background to approach the patient as a whole, and not just a symptom complex. She feels that every patient is different even though many people have similar symptoms. She believes that treatments need to be tailored to the patient, and their life, and together she and her patient work as a team to find the best treatment options, and results.

Many people question her as to why a female would go into urology as a discipline. Initially, Dr. Sobol wanted to be a psychiatrist, and that was her plan when she started medical school. Medical students are required to spend time with all of the different specialties to get exposure to the different fields. As she rotated through the different specialties, she found that psychiatry was not the best fit for multiple reasons. At that point, she really opened up mind to explore other options.

When she rotated on the urology service, she was pleasantly surprised at what she experienced. She found the field to be very exciting and innovative. Most of the treatment options for all urologic diseases and disorders were constantly being updated and revolutionized, and she wanted to be a part of that.

Dr. Sobol completed her preliminary general surgery and Urology residency at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. There she was trained in all aspects of urology, ranging from urologic cancers, to stone disease, to men's health, and many more. Upon completion of her residency, however, she felt that her training was lacking in female urology and voiding dysfunction. She believed it was in her, and her future patients' best interest to obtain further training in this aspect of the field.

She has recently completed a one year fellowship at the University of Michigan with an emphasis in female urology, voiding dysfunction and incontinence. At such time, she joined a private urology practice in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

She enjoys spending her free time with her family, biking, cooking and traveling.