Meet Dr. Kenneth Gross

Patient Expert

Dr. Kenneth Gross is the head of the medical education company, Fusion Clinical Multimedia, Inc., in Miami, Florida.

Dr. Kenneth Gross currently heads Fusion Clinical Multimedia, Inc., a medical education company in Miami, Florida, dedicated to areas that involve interspecialty issues. Dr. Gross has served as an instructor and consultant through Fusion at Nova Southeastern University at a psychopharmacology program for clinical psychologists and as a research neuroscientist at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Dr. Gross believes, the interdisciplinary perspective is particularly relevant to clinical decision making for the patient with Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr. Gross has delivered numerous Multiple Sclerosis lectures to health care professionals, patients, students and to pharmaceutical industry audiences. For him, MS is the "great neuroimmunological disease" that requires a merging of knowledge relevant to localization and phenomenology in Neurology and the immunopathogenesis of demyelinating syndromes.

Dr. Gross carries with him a very healthy respect for the diversity of MS presentations. He agrees strongly with Dr. Labe Scheinberg, Dr. Gross' mentor during his training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, who said "If you've seen one patient with MS, you've seen one patient with MS".