Meet Dr. Paul Ballas, ADHD Expert

Health Professional

This will be a space where I can communicate about various issues surrounding the disruptive behavior disorders including the illnesses commonly known as ADHD and ADD.   I am a resident about to begin a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry.   What this means is that I am a physician in training to become a child psychiatrist.   My residency has offered me the opportunity to see both children and adults with ADHD.   I've also written and edited several articles on child psychiatry.   As a physician, I am part of a team of healthcare workers who help people with psychiatric disorders.   Nurses, social workers, therapists, and other mental health professionals are often invaluable to the treatment of disruptive behavior disorders in children and have been very helpful in helping parents understand these illnesses.

Before going into medicine, I worked in research for several years.   Although research was enjoyable in many ways, I wanted to interact and help people more directly.   Psychiatry was a good fit for me as a specialty because I have always been interested in the science of the mind.   Good psychiatric care has changes the lives of thousands of people, and as we learn more about how the mind works and how to treat mental illness, the future of the field looks very exciting indeed.

I hope this blog will offer you some clear, concise information on recent developments in the care of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related conditions.   I can write on topics and new developments in the field as they occur.   Additionally, if a governing body like Congress is debating a new policy that may affect the treatment or access to care of people with ADHD and related illnesses, I hope to be able to discuss relevant issues in this space.

This blog will also serve as a forum for your questions about disruptive behavior disorders and their treatment.   I welcome questions from parents of children with ADHD and I hope to comment on as many of your general questions as I can.   Also, please feel free to post potential topics of discussion in the comments area.

I hope you find this website enjoyable and educational, and that it leaves you with a better understanding of ADHD.