Meet Elizabeth Roberts

Patient Expert

Elizabeth Roberts is an advocate for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the author of Living with IBD and IBS.

Elizabeth has been living with the symptoms of both IBD and IBS since she was in high school and was finally diagnosed with Colitis in 1998. The first three or four years after her diagnosis were the toughest according to Elizabeth. She had to change her whole life style- everything from her job, diet and stress level- in order to control her IBD. But Elizabeth learned to put herself and her health first and today she has a great quality of life. She lives in Colorado with her husband and 13 year-old black lab where she works as a freelance writer and editor. Elizabeth is also able to spend time with friends, hike, camp, backpack, bicycle, and swim without too much fear of having, what she calls, "an episode."

In 2003 Elizabeth wrote and published a book about her experiences with IBD called Living with IBD & IBS: A Personal Journey of Success. As Elizabeth says the book includes, "the good, the bad, the funny, and the not-so-funny." Elizabeth brings her humor and invaluable experience with the disease to her weekly blog for She hopes to help users learn to manage their IBD through her personal stories.