Meet John McManamy

Patient Expert

Bipolar Expert Patient and Web Guru

John McManamy is a former financial journalist with a law degree. In early 1999, following a series of severe depressions and a lifetime of denial, John was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Soon after, as a means of coming to terms with his illness, he devoted all his efforts to researching and writing about depression and bipolar disorder.

John McManamy is the author of the highly-acclaimed Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder (HarperCollins, 2006), the first book on mood disorders that covers the clinical and scientific issues (and more) from a patient's perspective.

He is the award-winning editor and publisher of "McMan's Depression and Bipolar Report," a free email newsletter for bipolar patients and their loved ones, and McMan's Depression and Bipolar Web, which features more than 300 articles.

John McManamy is also involved in advocacy, public speaking, and facilitating a DBSA support group. He has a grown daughter, Emily. He now lives in the San Diego area.