Meet Rob Streno, Migraine Expert Patient

Rob Streno, who deals with chronic migraines, shares his experience battling migraines and tips for finding support and relief.

Hello, my name is Rob, and I suffer from migraine headaches.

Such a simple sentence, yet such a complex condition. For nearly three decades, I suffered from debilitating, but thankfully infrequent headaches. Thinking that these were normal variety sinus headaches, I did what just about every other male of the species would do, I swallowed over-the-counter analgesics, tightened belts around my head (yeah, seriously), and tried to go about my daily life when these pounders hit.

Then, some time around three years ago, something happened. The headaches got a little more frequent. Instead of twice a year, they were coming twice a month. And they didn't seem to be going away completely. At first, I used the tried but true approach of "ignore it, and it will go away." That satisfied me (but not my wife) for a few months, but as the frequency got more frequent, my wife finally convinced me (and by "convinced" I mean "dragged me kicking and screaming") to see my doctor.

So, approximately three years ago, I was symptom diagnosed with migraine (both with and without aura) by my primary care physician, and confirmed by my neurologist. I battle this disease with a daily handful of pills and a lifetime's worth of sarcastic wit, which I hope to share with you. I'll share the wit, that is. The pills are for me.

Speaking of being alone--that's why I'm in this. A life of chronic pain can be an extremely lonely one. You start thinking that no one else can possibly share your pain or your experiences. However, when I started doing research on the Internet, I started finding little pockets of community. When I found out that there were others feeling the same things that I did, I felt a little less alone. If I could share my experiences and help someone feel a little less lost, a little less alone in their battle with migraines or chronic pain . . . Well, who knows who is keeping score? Maybe this will help make up for almost burning down the kitchen with my "science experiment" when I was fifteen.

I'm excited about my opportunity to contribute here at, and look forward to input from readers of my blog to help guide and shape the direction that we go with it. The journey down the path of being a migraineur doesn't have to be a lonely one if we travel it together.

When I'm not writing about migraines here or at my personal blog (, I'm usually working at my nine-to-five job, spending time with my beautiful wife and daughter, or pursuing my hobbies of photography and humorous t-shirt design ( What little time I have left is usually taken up by walks with my Golden Retriever around the neighborhood.