Meet Theradome: The First FDA OTC Cleared Clinical Strength Laser Hair Therapy for Home Use


Officially hitting the market on December 16, Theradome is a newly FDA-cleared device that uses clinical strength lasers to re-grow and strengthen hair. This device is specifically marketed to and cleared for use by women, who make up approximately 40 percent of the population suffering from hair loss.

Dr. Tamim Hamid, former NASA scientist and creator of the Theradome laser helmet, answers some questions about the device and how the technology works to re-grow hair.

How does Theradome work?

Theradome uses cool laser light therapy to reverse the miniaturization of follicles. Theradome uses specially developed, high efficiency lasers that deliver the maximum amount of light and cover 582 cm2 of the 720 cm2 total scalp area in the average human head. With over 440 joules per treatment and an optimized wavelength of 678 +/-8nm, each of the 80 lasers is tailored for maximum hair growth.

How many treatments are necessary to see results?

After 18 treatments (20 minutes per treatment), patients should notice less hair loss, fuller body, and larger hair shafts. After 26 treatments (20 minutes per treatment), patients should notice a healthier scalp, thicker and longer hair, and reduced scalp inflammation. After 52 treatments (20 minutes per treatment), patients should see new hair growth. Theradome is FDA cleared for use twice a week for 20 minute intervals, however, Dr. Hamid notes that patients have seen faster results when used more than twice a week. He recommends having 12 hours in between treatments for the best results.

What’s the difference between LED and laser therapy?

Laser light is “coherent” light, meaning it is highly focused. LED light isn't focused - it is similar to a light bulb. LED lights have no proven clinical effect on hair loss.

Does it work for both men and women?

Theradome is presently only cleared for women, and is awaiting FDA clearance for men.

Does it work on all skin types?

Hair growth on darker skin tones has not been documented.

Does it work on all stages of hair loss?

The Theradome laser helmet is designed to work with all stages of hair loss, but the earlier treatments starts, the better the outcome. There are several scales to help determine the stages in women's hair loss, but the most common, the Savin Scale, measures overall thinning as well as density. That said, Theradome has been documented to work on hair loss levels 1-6 on the Savin Scale, but not levels 7-9.

Are there any side effects?

Theradome has conducted two clinical trials and has not reported any risks associated with the use of the device.

For more questions about Theradome, or if you’d like to purchase one (they’re currently priced at $795), please check out their website. I’ll be testing the product, so be sure to check-in for reviews at treatment milestones!