Meet Tracy Davenport

by Tracy Davenport, Ph.D. Health Writer

Tracy is a parent of a child with severe gastroespogheal reflux disease. Her blog can help guide you through this potentially difficult time.

Tracy Davenport is an advocate for parents and caregivers of chronically ill children. Tracy has two children, one of which suffers from severe gastroespogheal reflux disease. The obstacles Tracy faced in finding treatment for her son and the emotional rollercoaster of having a baby with reflux led her and her husband to write her first book, Making Life Better for a Baby With Acid Reflux.

Making Life Better for a Baby With Acid Reflux deals with the ins and outs of the emotionally and physically draining times that can accompany caring for a baby with acid reflux, and can help guide the caretaker or medical provider through this potentially difficult situation.

The expanded second edition, Making Life Better for a Child With Acid Reflux, has just been released. This edition brings in the voices of six medical experts who provide up-to-date knowledge about acid reflux in babies and children. The focus is to improve the chances of parents getting effective health care for their child with acid reflux.

In addition to her advocacy work, Tracy is founding director of Summer Days Math and Science Camp for Girls, an educational experience created for young women interested in math and science. She is also pursuing a doctorate degree in Human Development and Family Studies.

Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.
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Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.

Davenport is the founder of Using the latest scientific research, she helps people live their healthiest lives via one-on-one coaching, corporate talks, and sharing the more than 1,000 health-related articles she's authored.