Meet Sophia, Your Robot Nurse

By all reports, one of the great debuts at SXSW Interactive earlier this month was that of Sophia -- a robot which (or who) aims to become (according to a press release) “the most compelling and engaging humanlike robot with greater-than-human wisdom, that (or who) is capable of developing a deep, trusted relationship with people.”

That’s a lot to hope for.

But she has a lot going on. Sophia has cameras in her eyes, which allow her to see faces and make eye contact. She also comes with 60 facial expressions so that she can reflect back to her patients appropriately.

She understands speech, and with her robotic memory can recall what’s been said during past conversations. Hanson Robotics, her creator, has given Sophia algorithms set in such a way that she will get smarter in her dealings with humans over time.

However, like any first-timer in the public spotlight, Sophia did make a mistake or two. When teasingly asked by reporters if she wanted to destroy humans, she rapidly responded (in a voice nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s), “OK, I will destroy humans.”

Of course, glitches are to be expected, right? Right?

Sourced from: Medical Daily, Sophia, The Robot And Future Health Care Worker, Makes Her Debut At SXSW Interactive