Member Medication Review: Effexor

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I am going for the biggie here, Effexor (venlafaxine).   I am telling you that I think I have heard more about Effexor from members  on our site more than any other antidepressant.   Usually people come here in distress as they are trying to taper off this drug and are suffering from bad withdrawals.   But we seldom get to hear the other side of the story from people who use Effexor and like it.   I am hoping to achieve a balance to hear the pros and cons of taking Effexor.

Here are my questions for you:

What   is/was your experience like taking Effexor?

How long did it take until it "worked" for you?

What improvements did you notice?

What were the side effects if any?

If you quit taking this drug what was the reason?   And did you suffer from withdrawals?   Or maybe the question should be how did you cope  with Effexor withdrawals?    Tell us how you tapered off the drug and for how long.   I think the main thing people want to know about Effexor withdrawals long do they last and what sort of symptoms are we talking about?

Any help you can give on this topic would be greatly appreciated