Member Medication Review: Folic Acid or Deplin

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Hi everybody

Today we are going to continue our member medication review by getting your feedback about Folic Acid or Deplin. can get folate naturally through food or by taking a folic acid supplement.

Deplin , on the other hand, can only be prescribed by a physician and "regulates all 3 monoamine neurotransmitters associated with mood by providing the increased requirements for folate in the brain."   Deplin is quite often prescribed by your doctor to increase the effectiveness of your antidepressant.

You can find out more about Deplin from our Dr. Ballas in his post entitled, "Folate and Deplin:   Effective Treatments for Depression? "

So now we want to hear from you.   I am currently not taking Deplin but I am taking a folic acid supplement.   I need more time to tell you if I notice anything.

Here are some questions for you all:** 1.   Do you take folic acid supplements or Deplin?**** 2.   Do you feel that your supplement or Deplin is helping your mood in any way?   If so, how?**** 3.   If you have stopped taking folic acid or Deplin what made you decide to quit?**

Remember that just because one person derives benefit from a particular medication or supplement doesn't mean that everyone will.   We are all different with different biochemistry and so forth.   But it is useful to discuss our experiences and what may be expected.

Thank you to all who participate in our reviews!