Men and women have different regrets about sex

Sex is complicated – and it can sometimes have emotional consequences, particularly regret. Men and women have different regrets when it comes to their sexual choices, concludes a new study published in the _Archives of Sexual Behavior. _

Researchers from the University of Texas and UCLA conducted a series of three studies with 25,000 people on their sexual behaviors. They found that men tend to regret not sleeping with more people, whereas women are more likely to regret whom they had sex with. The underlying theme of this study showed that regret is an integral evolutionary aspect of reproduction, researchers said.

Other top regrets women had were whom they lost their virginity to, cheating on a partner, and having sex too easily. One researcher noted that casual sex can have profound effects on women’s emotional health and can affect their sexual choices moving forward.

For men, the top regrets included being too shy to approach a partner and not experimenting enough sexually when they were young or single. This thinking ties into the evolutionary mission for males to reproduce with as many females as possible.

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Sourced from:, Men and women have different regrets after sex, study suggests