Men struggle with work-life balance, too

Moms might talk about it more, but almost as many working dads say they struggle with work-life balance, according to a new national study. The  report by Pew Research used surveys conducted in 2007 and 2012 that asked parents to keep logs of their daily activities. Then they combined those findings with similar time management studies from as early as 1965.

Predictably, about 56 percent of working mothers said that they found it ‘somewhat’ to ‘very’ difficult to balance family and work responsibilities. But, they also found that 50 percent of working dads responded the same way. They likewise were just as likely as moms to say they wished they could stay at home with their kids full-time.

Not only that, 40 percent of working moms and 34 percent of working dads said that they always feel rushed, and dads surveyed were more likely to say they don’t think they spend enough time with their children.

The report also noted that dads are more involved in household tasks than they were a few decades ago. In 2011, dads spent about 10 hours per week on household duties, compared to dads of the 1960s who only did about four hours of chores. Women still carry the lion’s share of home care, though, spending about 18 hours a week on housework and 14 hours a week on childcare.

Another interesting finding: Working moms gave themselves slightly better parenting grades than stay-at-home moms. About 78 percent of full- or part-time working moms said they're "good" or "excellent" parents, compared with 66 percent of moms who aren't employed.

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Sourced from: Live Science, Men and Women Alike Struggle With Work-Life Balance