Men take longer to recover from concussions than women

A study published in the journal Radiology concludes that concussions seem to affect men more than women.  Specifically, the research determined that men seem to take longer than women to recover and show more brain damage.

For the study, researchers looked at the brain scans and medical records of 47 men and 22 women with concussions, and a group of 21 men and women without any brain injury to see if gender has a role in recovery from mild brain injury.

The results showed that it took men with concussions an average of 67 days to recover, and it took women an average of only 26 days.

The researchers said that recovery was not dependent on how severe the initial symptoms were. An analysis of the brain scans also showed that men had more abnormalities in one area of the brain’s white matter, which is where concussions often cause damage. In addition, they found that having more abnormalities in a specific area of the white matter was linked to a longer recovery time.

The area of the white matter has one of the highest concentrations of progesterone receptors in the brain, which has been shown in animal studies to protect brain cells from injury. But more research is required to see if this is also true in humans.

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Sourced from:, Men May Take Longer to Recover from Concussions than Women