Men with cancer more likely to die from it

Men are notoriously passive about their health, ignoring symptoms, delaying treatment or just trying to "tough it out."  Unfortunately, this ignorance to health may be costing men their lives.  Previous research found that men are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than women; a new study from Weil Cornell Medical College in New York has found that men also have a higher chance of dying from cancer than women.

Men with any type of cancer were six percent more likely to die than women with cancer.  When men and women had the same type of cancer, men were 12 percent more likely to die from the disease.  The authors of the study concluded that an extra 24,130 men died of cancer in 2012 because of their gender.

In line with the "ignorance" theory, the researchers found that men often presented a higher stage of disease than females, where men had higher death rates in seven of the 10 most common types of cancer.  It is also theorized that men partake in more destructive behavior – including smoking and drinking – which could be a telling factor in cancer deaths as well.

Sourced from:, Men Who Have Cancer More Likely to Die From It, Study Finds