Merely Me's Happiness Project

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Merely Me's Happiness Project

Take one depressed

Implement one suggestion from a self help book each week

See what happens

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Can one unmedicated and therapy-less woman find the secret to happiness from the words of self-help gurus?Let's find out!


This week's mental health exercise comes from one of my favorite authors, Julia Cameron.   If you are not familiar with this author, she wrote  a series of books tapping into a person's creativity to promote mental wellness.   The following exercise comes from one of her first books called, "The Artist's Way:   A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity"

I have done many of her exercises including the one I will give to you today.

In her chapter about "Recovering a Sense of Identity" Julia tells us to draw a "life pie."   Simply draw a circle and divide into six to ten slices denoting the pieces of your life you find important.   These can include:   Work, Fun, Friends, Family, Health, Mental  Health,  Adventure, Hobbies, Relaxation, Spirituality,  School, and virtually any major aspect of your life that you find important.   Now...shade in those pie slices  to denote  the level of  energy and time you truly devote to each of these aspects of your life.

Do you have any areas which are almost blank?   Or any areas which are almost totally filled in?

It is totally possible that you will see great areas of imbalance.   This is to alert you that if you value these other aspects of your life...maybe it is time to devote some time to them.

For was easy.   Work and kids...I spend most of my time and attention to these areas of my life and I do feel good about it.   But...there is very little time left for me to have fun, exercise, or simply relax.   So Julia recommends that we start filling in these other pieces of our life pie with some time.

And what I am going to do right now!   Time to watch a movie and relax.

How about you?   What areas of your life would you like to start developing and paying more attention to?   It is your life.   You can carve out some time for things you find important.   Tell us your thoughts.   We want to hear them!