Metatarsalgia, How Long Does It Last?


Asked by Emma

Metatarsalgia, How Long Does It Last?

How long will I suffer from metatarsalgia if I got it from long periods of standing on my feet? I work all day on my feet, walking, more than standing, so I would like to know how long I'm going to suffer with this.


I would say you didn't really get it from standing for long periods but that standing for long periods exacerbated whenever weakness you had in your foot and led to the inflammation that's causing you pain. Metatarsalgia can be caused by several different things but a very common treatment is the use of custom fitted orthotics that realign your foot so that portion of it that's become injured does not become inflamed any more.

Orthotics aren't always necessary; sometimes anti-inflammatories can bring the pain down. If you have tight shoes with high heels and thin insoles then throw them away and get something that's comfortable and supports your foot well. One later another you should be able to fix this problem and walk around pain-free! Good luck!