Can Methadone And Adderall Be Taken Together?


Asked by Hottie777

Can Methadone And Adderall Be Taken Together?

I have been on Methadone 10mg 2 pills-3x's a day, and was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD and was put on Adderall 10mg 2x's a day. I asked my doctor to increase the Adderall to 20mg 2x's a day which would work really well and I wouldn't have anymore problems with the Adderall not working as well as I know it could be. My question is, is there anyone out there that takes both medications and if so what is your dosages and why isn't my doctor helping me. I don't and have'nt shown signs of drug seeking, and I have a really good repore with my Pain Specialist. I just don't know what to do. If anyone has any information on what to say to my doctor to increase the Adderall, or if anyone has any information on why I can't find anything on-line about this situation please help.... Thank you very much....


Thank you for your question and welcome to

I am not a medical proffessional and would not be able to give you medical advice.

However, it is important to discuss this situation with your doctor. He or she would be best able to answer the question of why he or she doesn't feel it woud be appropriate right now to increase your dosage.

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