Can Methadone Affect My Asthma?


Asked by tnielsen1125

Can Methadone Affect My Asthma?

I am a recovering opiate addict and I am now taking methadone for maitainance treatment I recently was switched from a liquid form to pill form and have noticed that my asthma has been acting up could this be a side effect of the new dose that I am on? The amount is the same but I now dissolve the medicine in tea or other liquid before I take it. I know that opiates can suppress your cardiovasculat system does Metadone have the same side effect?


Hi there, First of all, congratulations on your recovery from addiction. Methadone can cause respiratory depression and it's a standard precaution that if you have asthma, the doctor prescribing the methadone needs to know.

So, my question to you is whether you have informed your addiction doctor about your asthma history and any asthma medications you are taking. IF not, you may need to get your asthma doctor and your addiction doctor to talk to each other about the best way to balance both ends of treatment.

Whatever you do, don't try to adjust doses yourself. It may be that your asthma medication can be stepped up or another medication added, to help get things back under control.



Answered by Kathi MacNaughton