Is Methadone Or Oxycontin A Better Treatment For Chronic Pain?


Asked by rose

Is Methadone Or Oxycontin A Better Treatment For Chronic Pain?

I have been on high doses of vicodin for 3 years to try to relieve pain from 30 degree curve scoliosis, 3 bulging discs, TMJD, myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia. I am not willing to have back surgery, as 2 of my brothers have had similar surgeries and are now more disabled and in more pain than they were before the surgeries. The chronic pain has overtaken my life, and I have finally found a pain specialist who is willing to help me. He recommends that I try methodone or oxycontin, andwill prescribe whichever med I choose. I have a 3 year old daughter and I need to be alert and available for her, so I don't want to feel tired or impaired. Which med is best for pain? Which is least sedating? Will either of them make me feel more alert? Walking any distance, carrying my daughter or large items is nearly impossibe for me - is it ridiculous to ask for handicapped parking? I do not have health insurance right now, and know that there is quite a cost difference between the 2 meds, fortunately I don't have to take cost too much into account when I choose, so you can leave that part out. Thank you so much!


You've gotten lots of answers to your questions. The only thing I would add regarding the methadone/oxycontin question is that everyone responds differently to different medications. It might be a good idea to ask your doctor if you can try one (perhaps the less expensive one) to start with, then if it's not providing adequate pain relief, switch to the other. Either way, it's always best to start with lower dosages and increase them gradually as needed.

As for your question about handicapped parking, it is absolutely NOT ridiculous to ask for a permit. Their purpose is to allow easier access for those of us who cannot walk long distances. The fact that you have a young daughter to carry makes it even more important that you be able to park nearby.

I wish you the best in finding the best medication for you and in getting your handicapped parking permit.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards