Is 0.5mg Of Lorazepam Less Than One Mg?


Asked by tracy

Is 0.5mg Of Lorazepam Less Than One Mg?

My doctor just started me on Lorazepam 0.5MG. I am reading info on it and it states that 2-4MG are given to patients per day. I just took this less than 1MG?


Hi Tracy,

Yes, .5 mg of Lorazepam (generic name for Ativan) is less than 1 mg, it is half of a mg. Yes, the printed information about dosage for Lorazepam does say 2-4 mg per day. Did your doctor prescribe .5 mg one time a day or to take .5 mg multiple times per day?

If you are not clear about how your doctor intends for you to take the medication, give him/her a call to clarify!

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Dr. Jennifer Fee

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