Is it OK to Take Nexium only Every Three or four days?


Asked by eirrac

I Take A 20 Mg. Nexium Capsule Only Once Every 3 Or 4 Days....

(partly because it's expensive and partly because I don't like some of the side effects). On the off days, if I have a problem, I use Mylanta or DGL licorice tablets that usually works well. Often I don't need to take anything if I eat carefully and sensibly.

My question is this: Is it okay to use Nexium only every three or four days? Can it harm me in any way to not take it daily? I've tried just about all types of antacids and Nexium works the best (although I still have stomach gurgling and an odd taste in the back of my throat on the days I take it). I should add that even when I used to take Nexium every day, I had the stomach gurgling/very odd taste in my throat.


The proton pump inhibitors work best when taken regularly because they generally take a few days to build up in your system to an effective dosage and for your body to heal. As you have already noted though they do have some side effects short as well as long term. You may want to consider seeing your doctor about an overall plan. Perhaps a maintenance dose of an h2blocker such as Zantac (ranitidine) or Pepcid (famotidine) would be a better overall plan? Stephanie

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