Midrin Update: Migraine Abortive Epidrin Also Discontinued

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There's more information on the situation with the Migraine abortive medication Midrin and equivalent and similar medications. If you've been following this saga, you know that Midrin has been permanently discontinued. For the background on this, see _Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update 1/15/11 _.

When I last reported on this situation, Excellium Pharmaceuticals was trying to see if they could reach an agreement with the FDA that would allow them to continue their Midrin equivalent medication, Epidrin. A company representative has now told me that they could not reach an agreement with the FDA. The only way to continue making Epidrin was to temporarily suspend production while they conducted clinical trials and submitted a new drug application (NDA) to the FDA. Since Epidrin was a compound medication containing three ingredients, they would have had to conduct trials on each of the tree ingredients as well as the combined medication. This would have taken a minimum of two years time, plus millions of dollars. They will not be pursuing an NDA, and Epidrin has now been discontinued as well.

At this time, I haven't been able to locate any medications equivalent to Midrin left on the market. These medications contained isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen. The closest product still available that I've been able to find is Prodrin, manufactured by Gentex Pharma, LLC. It containes isometheptene mucate, acetaminophen, and caffeine. It does not contain dichloralphenazine. If you and your doctor decide Prodrin would be a good option for you, you can tell your pharmacist that it's made by Gentex Pharma, LLC, out of Jackson, Mississippi. That should help your pharmacist find a distributor.

Some Migraineurs have reported getting Midrin-like medication made for them at compounding pharmacies with a prescription from their doctors. One pharmacist has reported that she is unable to get the dichloralphenazone.

If you need information on other Migraine abortive medications, please see _Since Midrin and the generic form of Midrin have been discontinued, what drug can be used as a replacement? _

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