Migraine Abortives Get Another Chance

Patient Expert

As I  may have mentioned in my  SharePosts, I have had  a hard time with  increased Migraine pain in addition to  my chronic head and  neck  pain recently. At my last doctor's visit,  we increased my dose of  Zonegran -  and added another triptan - Relpax -  to my toolbox.

At the first sign of my next  Migraine, I took a  Relpax. Within the hour, I was  feeling kind of funny, and not the good kind. I was  dizzy, my chest felt a little tight, my heart was beating a bit too fast, and  I was so very tired.  These side effects were not at all pleasant so I  figured I was down to one triptan again, Axert.  I thought  if I took Relpax again, I would suffer the same side effects.

Another  Migraine attack came like  they always do,  and I didn't have  any Axert. The doctor's office was out of samples when I called and my insurance company  won't pay for it.  But they will pay for Relpax.  What  I could use to abort this Migraine is Relpax or Midrin. I know Midrin is not the best option for me, beause it takes way too long to work and gives me potential stomach issues. So I  gave Relpax another try. I was happy I did.   I experienced  pleasant Migraine pain relief. No dizziness. No fatigue. No racing heart. Nothing.    I did have to  take it again the next day, and it worked again.

When you hear don't give up - "there is a medication that will work  for you," - we mean it

Trying medications twice truly  works  for some people.