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Most people who read this have migraine or anther headache disorders or care about someone who does. Reading and learning about our migraines and headaches is one of the keys to managing them.

Another key to managing our migraines and headaches is remembering to manage any and all health issues we may have, especially conditions that tend to be comorbid with migraines and headaches. Comorbid conditions are those we can have at the same time as our headache disorder, but neither causes the other.

Since this is important, but many people don't feel well enough to search for information, I'm going to look around HealthCentral and point out some posts from the last week or so that we don't want to miss.

Migraine and Headache:

In case you missed them, here are some links from last week:

Chronic Pain:>** 10 Ways to Have a More Relaxing Vacation with Chronic Pain**

Karen Lee Richards shares great tips for vacationing.

Depression:>** 10 Barriers to Communication During Depression**

Jerry Kennard notes that people who are depressed are usually highly sensitive an even perceived criticism and shares ways NOT to approach talking with people with depression.

Heart Disease:>** 8 Ways to Lower Your Risk of a Heart Attack**

Research has show that having migraine disease increases our risk of heart attack. PLEASE realize that this isn't a reason for panic. It is, however, another good reason to do all we can to lower other risk factors. Lisa Nelson offers eight ways to lower our risk.

Sleep Disorders:>** 12 Tips for Getting Healthy Sleep.**

Sleep issues are a highly common and strong migraine trigger. Allison Tsai offers tips for healthy sleep, SO essential to us.

I hope you find these links to be helpful. If there are other conditions you'd like to see here, please post a comment below and let me know!

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