Migraine Aura - 19 Less Often Discussed Symptoms

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What do you think of when you think about _ Migraine aura_?

Most people probably think of visual aura - wavy lines; sparkling lights; tiny, floating blind spots, and so on. Because it's so unusual, you might think of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, where the most common symptom is metamorphosia, a distortion of body image and perspective.

The statistics say that only 25-30% of Migraineurs experience the aura phase. I have to wonder, however, if there aren't more. It seems to me that some people may not realize that they have the aura phase because they've never been told about all of the possible symptoms and may dismiss them if they occur.

To share some information about less often discussed aura symptoms, I've created a new slideshow that lists 19 of these symptoms and some information about them. Please take a look at _19 Less Often Discussed Migraine Aura Symptoms _.

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