Can Migraine With Aura Without Headache Produce Symptoms Of Numbness And/or Tingling In Limbs?


Asked by Jean

Can Migraine With Aura Without Headache Produce Symptoms Of Numbness And/or Tingling In Limbs?

Can migraine with aura without headache produce symptoms of numbness and/or tingling in limbs? I have a history of migraine with aura for the past 13 years; I take Imitrex when I get blurry vision in right eye aura. Headache onset is generally around my period or at stressful times.

I began having calf pain in or around time of catching a stomach flu in May. An internist diagnosed me with a strain. Two to three weeks later I developed pins & needles tingling in my legs and hands, along with slight numbness/tingling in lips. The internist advised me to see a neurologist for possible MS. I went to MS specialist instead of my neurologist with great fear of MS. I had a brain MRI and FULL neuro exam as well as some special thryoid tests and blood work. The doctor advised me that the symptoms were auras. He put me on verapamil for 1 month; if "auras" did not subside to start on regiment of Topomax.

I followed up with my migraine neuro who is sending me for EMG; he said it is not migraines but post infectious polyneuropathy. He only did a five-minute neuro exam and was not interested in my daily journal of symptoms for the past three months. I do not want to discount either diagnosis. However, my gut feeling is the time spent with the MS specialist was more involved and through than my own doctor.

Any advice on what could be causing my symptoms?


Hi Jean,

Migraine with aura can have symptoms ranging from flickering lights, loss of vision and difficulty finding words to numbness/tingling of the face or extremities, dizziness and olfactory hallucinations - smelling odors that aren't there. Here's the thing - each person experiences each Migraine attack a bit differently.

These two articles are filled with good information: Migraine with aura

To understand the four phases of a Migraine attack: Anatomy of a Migraine

This is the time to see a Migraine specialist. Neurologists may be great doctors, but can't be experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions like MS, stroke, Parkinsons and epilepsy. A Migraine specialist devotes his entire practice to treating patients with Migraine disease and headache disorders. We have a list of patient recommended specialists you can see HERE.

Good luck


Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk