Migraine Glasses from AxonOptics - A Review

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Do you share one of my biggest Migraine gripes - being light sensitive even between Migraines? Plus, during a Migraine, increased light sensitivity is one of my worst symptoms.

Research has shown that light can increase our Migraine pain via a pathway in the brain that originates in the eye and goes to areas in the brain where neurons are located that activate during a Migraine attack. Light can increase the electrical activity in neurons, making the pain of the Migraine worse. As if we needed anything to make it worse!

Other research into the wave lengths of light that are most frequently problematic for Migraineurs led to the development of special glasses for Migraineurs with precision tinted lenses in a tint called FL-41 to filter out the wave lengths that cause us the most problems, particularly blue-green light. The FL-41 tint is a bit hard to describe. It's not quite pink, not quite brown, not quite amber or orange. It's not as pink as it looks in the picture here.

One of the companies producing glasses with the FL-41 tint is AxonOptics. I've been testing a pair of their glasses for a few months now. They definitely make my eyes more comfortable and less sensitive to light. I find they help...

  • under fluorescent lighting.
  • under "regular" incandescent indoor lighting.
  • outdoors on days when it's overcast and not bright enough for sunglasses.
  • when watching television and movies. They're especially helpful during action scenes where there tend to be a lot of bright or flashing lights.

With AxonOptics glasses, you choose the frame and whether you get indoor or outdoor tint. Some light does get in around the glasses, but I could probably have chosen a better frame to give better protection. The choice of frame is, of course, very personal. When I have a Migraine, I have a good bit of allodynia, and anything touching my face is very problematic, so I went with a smaller frame than I might have. They do also have what they call Cover-Rx, a style that can be worn alone or over prescription glasses.

For those who want to block as much light as possible, AxonOptics has recently added a wraparound frame available with either the indoor or outdoor tint. The frame has an inner gasket that contours to fit the shape of the face to block out as much light as possible as well as wind, dust, and other airborne particles. The gasket can be removed and reinserted when you want.

With AxonOptics:

  • You can choose from their frames.
  • You can get indoor or outdoor tint.
  • Send in your own frames.
  • Chose the Cover-Rx, which can be worn alone or over prescription glasses.
  • For an additional $50, send in your prescription and have it a added to your glasses.
  • You can get reading glasses with either indoor or outdoor tint.

If light sensitivity is an issue for you, these glasses are definitely worth checking into.

_Disclaimer _: AxonOptics provided me with a pair of their glasses for review. I have no other financial ties to the company.


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