Migraine Medications Midrin and Prodrin - Dec., 2013, Update

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The last several years have been quite difficult for Migraineurs who depended on Midrin as their first-line Migraine abortive medication. First, brand name Midrin was unavailable for long periods of time; then, it was permanently pulled from the market. The next disaster for patients who depended on Midrin was when Midrin equivalent medications began disappearing as well.

The reason for the discontinuation of Midrin and several Midrin equivalent medications is rather complicated. It has to do with Midrin having originally been developed before the current FDA drug approval process. That's also why there haven't exactly been generic versions of Midrin. There have been other medications with the same ingredients, but they're not termed "generics." You can read more about this in _Migraine and Midrin-Like Medications Update, 1/15/11 _.

Moving forward to the present...

There are two Midrin equivalent medications available today:

  • Prodrin. Prodrin is being reformulated, reducing the amount of acetaminophen in each tablet or capsule from 500 mg to 375 mg to meet the new FDA guidelines for acetaminophen dosages. It will remain on the market. Prodrin is produced by Gentex Pharma.
  • Macoven Pharmaceuticals in Magnolia, Texas, has a product with the same ingredients as original Midrin- isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen. They haven't given it a brand name. Prescription bottles are marked, "Isometh/Dich/Apap."

Some information about isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen medications:These medications are prescribed main for the _acute_ treatment of a Migraine in progress. They are sometimes prescribed for _tension-type headaches _. As with other Migraine medications, these medications don't work for everyone. They are considered to be Migraine abortive medications. When they work for patients with Migraine, the can actually stop the Migraine and the associated symptoms as opposed to simply masking the pain for a few hours, which is what analgesics (pain medications) do.

Alternatives to isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone, and acetaminophen compounds:* ** Triptans**: Imitrex (sumatriptan), Maxalt (rizatriptan), Zomig (zolmitriptan), Amerge (naratriptan), Axert, Relpax, _Frova _, and Treximet, which is a combination of Imitrex and naproxen sodium.

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