Migraine medications while taking lithium?

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is there any migraine medications i can take while taking lithium

I am taking Lithium 200mg & Effexor 375mg and have been told i can not take migraine medication due to taking the lithium.

My migraines are getting more & and more severe, causing excruitiating pain and temporary blindness & are lasting longer and getting more and more frequent, its affecting my work & my life.

I recently had blood tests and a brain scan after collapseing at work with the pain but all results came back negative - there answer was the same as my GP, i cant have migraine tablets while on lithium and should changing my diet.

I have since given up chocolate, sweets, coffee, all dairy products, fizzy drinks & anything with citric acid.

I'm hoping someone can help me as i really cant take much of the pain and the fact that its taking over my life. Chairman Garry.


Dear Garry;

"Migraine medications" is a broad category. You didn't say if you're referring to preventive medications or abortive medications.

On the preventive front, ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers are contraindicated with lithium, but there are still many other medications that can be used for prevention. To see a listing of these take a look at _Migraine preventive medications -- to many options to give up _.

As for abortive medications to stop Migraines in progress, I'm not sure why you would have been told that they can't be taken with lithium. A review of the information on lithium and the triptan medications (Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, etc.), which are the most frequently used abortives, doesn't show any issues.

At this point, I'd suggest that you find a Migraine specialist to treat you and have your Migraine specialist and the doctor who prescribes lithium for you to consult on your medications. If you need help finding a specialist there's a link below.

Good luck,
John Claude Krusz and Teri Robert

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