Migraine Or Neuropathy?


Asked by Solaire

Migraine Or Neuropathy?

I have suffered migraines and chronic daily headaches for years, but I recently experienced the worst headache/pain I have ever had. It was above my right ear and shot towards my temple. The pain only lasted a second or two but would return a few seconds later, it was so severe that I experienced nausea and vomitting. This intermittent pain lasted 7 days straight. The only thing that could relieve the pain was Vicodin, and it didn't even help very much. Migraine meds were completely ineffective. I also experienced a strange feeling of being touched across my forehead and my scalp hurt so much on the right side that I couldn't brush my hair. After a few days I went the ER. The doctor suggested it was Neuropathy, but when I told my Neurologist, she disagreed with that possible diagnosis, suggesting it was migraine. I have many symptoms that resemble MS, although the neurologist is unable to make a diagnosis at this time and tends to focus on my headaches. This headache was like nothing I have ever had and I have fear of it returning. Could this have been a migraine? Or should I try to explain my week of agony better to my neurologist?


Hi Solaire,

Anyone who has three or more Migraines a month needs to be talking with their doctor about prevention. There's growing evidence that Migraine is a progressive brain disease. A recent study showed that Migraines can cause brain damage, and that people with three or more Migraines a month are more susceptible to this damage. For more information, see Is Migraine a Progressive Brain Disease? and Yes, Migraines Can Cause Brain Damage.

Having said that it is important to know what type of Migraine you have.

If your doctor isn't able to help you, it may well be time to consult a Migraine and headache specialist. It's important to note that neurologists aren't necessarily Migraine and headache specialists. Take a look at the article Migraine and Headache Specialists - What's So Special? If you need help finding a Migraine specialist, check our listing of Patient Recommended Migraine and Headache Specialists.

For purposes of treatment, learning about your Migraines, being able to get care if you're away from home, etc., you need a full diagnosis of what type of Migraine you have. You can read more about this in The Type of Migraine Does Matter. Ice Pickheadaches - The Basics may be of interest to you_._

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Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk