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Instagram's Migraine Pose: Please Don't Trivialize Migraine

Why it’s not fair to minimize the experience of migraine

Migraine no joking matter, woman suffering migraine in dark bedroom.
    Living with migraine is no small thing. Whether you suffer one migraine every few months or live with chronic migraine - experiencing migraine for 15 or more days a month - migraine steals your life.
    Julie Ryan

    Julie Ryan


    Julie Ryan is a writer, blogger, and health advocate living in Huntsville, AL. Julie lives with a variety of chronic illnesses including chronic migraine, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, cluster headaches, and probably at least one other that she forgot about. She strives to live positively despite chronic illness. Her dream life is to buy an RV and live like a turtle, carrying her house with her wherever she goes. Julie shares her experiences and insights on living with chronic illness on her blog Counting My Spoons.