Migraine Term of the Day: Edema

Patient Expert

When we're looking at Migraine and headache information, whether it's from our doctor, a book, or an online article, we sometimes come across medical terms that can be confusing.

Sometimes, it's easy enough to substitute another word or a short phrase for the medical term. At other times, substituting just doesn't convey quite the same meaning or takes more than a few words.

Some of you have expressed an interest in learning more of the medical terminology that comes up when discussing Migraine disease and other headache disorders. So, I'll be posting a "term of the day," probably a couple of times a week. If there are terms you'd like to have defined, please leave a comment to let me know what it is.

Today's term: Edema.

Edema: a local or generalized condition in which the body tissues contain an excessive amount of tissue fluid. Although many people think of edema as occurring only in the extremities, such as legs and ankles, it can occur in most body tissues.

Edema of the eyelids can be a symptom of cluster headaches.

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