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In addition to being an Emmy and Tony award winning actress, Kristin Chenoweth lives with Migraines. Born on July 24, 1968, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, she was adopted by Jerry and Junie Chenoweth shortly after birth. Ms. Chenoweth is quite open about her adoption and knows who her birth parents are, but has no desire to meet them. Both she and her older brother Mark graduated from Broken Arrow High School. Ms. Chenoweth went on and studied Musical Theater at Oklahoma City University, thriving under the direction of her teacher, Florence Birdwell. She completed her Master's Degree in Opera Performance there as well.

When Ms. Chenoweth was 25-years-old she went to New York City with a friend who was auditioning for an off-Broadway show called Animal Crackers. She thought as long as she was there, she would audition too. The producers were very impressed, and she got a supporting role. She continued to work off-Broadway, hoping to make it big. Her chance came when she got the lead role in Steel Pier, and she hasn't stopped since. Some of her other Broadway shows include Epic Proportions, The Apple Tree, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever_, and_ Annie_. She also performed at Lincoln Center in the musical Strike Up the Band by Gershwin._

In 1999, Ms. Chenoweth received her first Tony award for her role as "Sally" in You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." She moved into television for a bit to do a short-lived comedy series. Kristin was about a woman from Oklahoma who was an assistant to a property mogul while she tried to get on Broadway. Ms. Chenoweth also had television roles in Seven Roses, Frasier, Topa Topa Bluffs, anda recurring role as Miss Noodle on Sesame Street. Then in 2003, she was awarded the role of "Glinda" in the show Wicked, earning a Tony nomination. In 2004, after playing Glinda for a year, she went to Los Angeles and took the role of press secretary on the television series The West Wing. This is when she met and dated Aaron Sorkin. She soon found herself back in New York City and, in May 2004, performed Candide with the New York Philharmonic. Over the next few years, Ms. Chenoweth was very busy doing movies, television and Broadway shows.

Ms. Chenoweth received an Emmy award for her role in the television show Pushing Daisies. She's been in feature films including Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon, Stranger Than Fiction and Deck the Halls. She continues to work on her first love, which is singing, and has recorded three albums. In 2009, Ms. Chenoweth played the role of "April Rhodes" in Glee, whichbecame so popular she was written into a few more episodes. In fact, she received an Emmy nomination for her part in this television series.

Ms. Chenoweth was having devastating Migraine attacks once a week, so her doctor discussed Botox with her. She now has Botox injections regularly to help reduce the number of Migraine attacks she has. In addition, she has Meniere's disease, a condition that can produce tinnitus, hearing loss and balance issues.

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