Migraines and Onions!

Patient Expert

Just when I thought I had most of my Migraine triggers sorted out, I was hit with a new one this afternoon -  chopping onions   Eating  raw  onions is one of my Migraine triggers, but I've been able to cook and chop  them without a problem.

While  making Chipotle Pork Posle  for dinner today, I needed a medium chopped onion. I peeled, sliced, cut and started to chop it, and  (I like the way they do  it on the Food Network

) my eyes began to tear. This is totally normal for me. What was not normal was the  searing pain in the back of my head as I continued to chop the  onion.  As I resumed chopping,  the pain stopped me. I wasn't halfway through the first half of the  onion. I stepped away from the onion to figure out what was going on. I guess I am a slow learner. The pain subsided a bit. It couldn't possibly be the  onion, right? The posle needed to get finished,  meaning the onion needed to be  completely chopped. So, I stepped up to the cutting  board once more, begin to chop, and sure enough, the  pain  intensified. In fact, it got quite bad.

I deceided I had  enough onion for the soup, stopped the chopping and dumped it into the pot  and took an  Axert, one of my Migraine abortives. Thankfully it worked. The soup is simmering, and we  had a wonderful dinner.

It is interesting how Migraine triggers can changer over time. They can come on suddenly or be  "stackable."  Some triggers we can avoid. I could choose to not chop onions  ever again, or find  alternatives, such as dehydrated onion flakes or bits.

Other  Migraine  triggers, such as weather changes and hormones  cannot be avoided.  Our Migraine Trigger page is a great resource Migrainuers have to deal with. In addition to managing our triggers, here are some helpful ** Tips for Living Well All Year** - by Teri Robert.