Migraines and Roller Coasters!

Patient Expert

Yesterday my husband took our son and his friend to an amusement park. It was a bright, sunny, warm day. They were all very excited about doing something they had been looking forward to all summer. With bathing suits and  towels  in hand,  they went  on their mini  "man-cation."

This park has quite a few different sections --  a water park, rides, a section for family   camping, and a spot for concerts.   The trio concentrated on the ride section first. They took on: the Ride of Steel, the Predator, the Mind Eraser and the Viper, riding them multiple times.  Apparently, after the Mind Eraser, the only suspended looping coaster  in New York State, the guys started to feel a bit "headachey" and needed a break.   After a snack, it was off to the water park.  My son, who is a Migraineur, had now experienced quite a few of his triggers: dehydration, changes in his eating pattern, and, for him, an intense time. These Migraine triggers were already begining to end his day.

The water park section proved to be just as much fun as the thrill ride area. The guys spent plenty of time splashing around in wave pools,  going down slides and log rides. By the time they were done with the water park, their "headaches" were all  really bothering them. More Migraine  triggers here: sun beating down on their heads, chlorine for some, and noise.

When  my husband and son walked in the  door, I  could tell something wasn't  right. They  said they had a great time, but their heads were "killing  them."  My husband hasn't experienced this before. Seeing  our son  start his day on such a high note and end it with a Migraine really threw him. He spent the rest of the  afternoon on the couch in the dark and wasn't  able to go to TaeKwon Do, which he loves.

Our son doesn't get Migraines  often enough to be put on  Migraine prevention medication, thank goodness for that. The next time he goes out  to an amusement park, I will have to talk to the doctor about what to give him before he goes so he can enjoy the entire day. I could have sent him with some form of  the Migraine Pack so he would have Advil and a  cold pack ready when his Migraine started. For more information about our Migraine Action Plan and Pack click HERE.