Migraines From Basketball


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Migraines From Basketball

I occasionally get migraines when playing basketball indoors. I've noticed that they usually occur when I have not adequately hydrated myself and when I've been playing for a while and exerted a lot of energy. I start losing vision in one of my eye's and after a couple of minutes everything becomes skewed and i have a couple of blind spots in both eyes. Then after about a half an hour, when the vision issues dissappear, I get a severe migraine headache. The aura usually begins while I'm still playing, but it has occured about 30 minutes after I've finished playing.

I have developed a fear of playing basketball (and any indoor sport, because of these migraines) any tips about how to prevent them or how to treat the visual disturbance part of them would be greatly appreciated. Is it possible that for some reason basketball is the only trigger and I won't get them doing any other activity? I've never had a migraine doing anything else, so I hope that this is the case. Thanks for your help.




As Megan said it is very important to stay hydrated while exercising, and during the day for that matter.

In our Ask the Clinician section, this question may be helpful, Preventing exercise triggered Migraines?

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Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk