Migraines And Strawberries Connection??


Asked by Shazz

Migraines And Strawberries Connection??

Hi I am wondering if anyone has had experiences where strawberries caused migraines. I have had 8 migraines in 10 days and it just so happens i have been eating a lot of fruit and strawberries is one of them and i read somewhere that it may be the cause? anyone?


Hi Shazz!

Pretty much anything food related, I think, can be a trigger for a migraineur. We have a list of common food triggers here on our site: Manging Migraine: Migraine Food Triggers.

I think it depends on you and how your body reacts to certain foods. It is completly possible that strawberries trigger you. Maybe strawberries are just a stackable trigger for you as well.

See the article above, there is a worksheet in there to help you with food triggers. Also, since you are seeing a new pattern now - it may be a good time to start a Migraine and Headache Diary, if you do not already have one.

Good Luck!

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