Migraines And Tramadol


Asked by MIsschif

Migraines And Tramadol

I am in a migraine treatment program in Tampa, Fl. The doctors went though all my medications, and as they were doing so they came across the tramadol I use as one of my emergency rescue medications. Now I have severe migraines frequently (more than 3-4 a month and lasting anywhere between 2-30 days.) I also am aware of the rebound headache theories with taking too many pain meds, triptans, etc. during a period of time. Therefore, I am extremely careful with how many I take and always consult with my doctor when I have a status migraine lasting this long. I can't take NSAIDS or ibuprofen or anything in that category because I have ulcers. I won't take narcotics because I don't like them, and they don't get rid of the headache anyway. To top it off, I'm allergic to the majority of the meds that would normally get rid of migraines - steroids, imitrex, dhe, composine, and reglan. Now I'm being told that my saving grace other than the toradol (which I know I can only use sparingly) isn't good for migraines? If this is true then what else is there? Help! I do biofeedback and relaxation and massage, but sometimes when you're at work you have to fall back on the pharmacalogical means, much as I hate to admit it. I can't stand medicine, but what do I do?


Hi Misschif,

Tramadol aka Ultram, is an opioid pain releiver. For some people it is used as a rescue medication in a migraine management plan but does have potential problems just like the other opioids do. You can continue reading more about that in the article, Opioids for Migraines - Why Not?

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Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk