Is Migravent An Effective Medication For Migraines?


Asked by Sue

Is Migravent An Effective Medication For Migraines?

I am a migraine sufferer and am trying to decide if I should start Topamax or not. I was reading about Migravent and need to know about it effectiveness. Are the side effects serious for Topamax?



Hi Sue!

I know what a tough decision it is deciding on preventives for migraine. As far as the Topamax goes, remember, your doctor would be prescribing the drug for the benefits it can give you. That being said, there are side affects with Topamax, just like with any drug. It is up to you if the relief you could get from the drug, outweights the side affects.

As far as the Migravent goes, I personally have not taken it, but looking at the ingrediants, it's things you can get or are probably already getting in your mulit vitamin or if you already take suppliments. The only thing in it that would not be in your suppliments is Butterbur.

Be aware though, that are pleny of other options besides Topamax. See our list here: Migraine Preventives: Too Many Options to Give Up!

Also, if you decide to take Topamax, please see this article for dosage information:

Dosage and Tapering Topamax for Migraine Prevention.

Good Luck!